"chris sI was on the wrong path concerning the health of my teeth and gums until I met Dr. Lee.  My previous Dentist diagnosed some deep pockets in my gums and recommended that I see a Periodontist, which I did.  The Periodontist recommended the standard treatment for my condition which was to do the gum flap procedure.  

Thank the Lord for the internet !  

I did some searching about this gum flap procedure and discovered that it's results are questionable when it comes to long term success and the side effects are rather grim.  That is when I discovered the LANAP procedure.  I spent some time reading on the net about this and became convinced that it was worth checking out.  

I then searched for Dentists in San Antonio that did this procedure.  I liked what I read about Dr. Lee so I went to him.  We went ahead with the procedure.  It was a total success.  It has been over a year now and my mouth is in better shape that it has been in many years.   Dr. Lee also trained me how to use some special and easy to use tools to keep my gums in excellent condition.  This was very important for my continued success.  

The LANAP procedure was a very cost effective procedure for me and I am very confident in a great future for my gums and teeth.  Dr. Lee and his team are on the cutting edge of this type of care.  They are friendly, caring people that I have full confidence in and am thankful that I have found them."

Chris S.