tammy - James Lee, DDS San Antonio, Texas Dentist "I would recommend Dr. Lee to anyone who is seeking excellent dental care. His knowledge of current technology and innovation in dentistry has proven to be vast, allowing the best possible care. His approach to a healthy mouth while giving a beautiful smile has allowed me and my family smiles that lasts a life time.

We consulted several dentists who all suggested the same course of treatment which was total removal of all of my husband's teeth. Dr. Lee's approach miraculously saved all but four of my husband's teeth.  It's been seven years and counting.

I tried implants to no avail. Other dentists suggested courses of treatment that included sacrificing two perfectly healthy teeth to fix one missing one. Dr. Lee gave me back my smile without having to harm my other teeth. Dr. Lee has proven himself to be a superior dentist.

His staff are always courteous and knowledgeable. They care about all of his patients. From reminder calls to just checking in to make sure all is well calls, they are the best in the dentistry field.

Dr. Lee will forever be my family's choice in dental care."   ...   Tammy E.