Dr. Lee has been our dentist for more than 42 years.  In 1977, Dr. Lee first saw Margaret as a dental patient while he was a dental student at the U.T. Health Science Center Dental School in San Antonio, TX.  While still a student, Dr. Lee saw her husband Rick on an emergency basis.

Since that time, Dr. Lee has performed outstanding dental procedures on us such as teeth cleaning, cavity fillings, root canals/crowns, gold bridges, TMJ treatments, and laser gum treatments.  Dr. Lee has utilized the most current dental techniques and technology in providing the very best service for us.  And he continues to teach us about the latest and best in dental hygiene.

Dr. Lee has a very caring, patient and positive personality.  He has a great sense of humor and he is up-to-date on current events.  He communicates quite well in explaining the dental procedures that he is going to perform.  He and his staff help us as patients feel calm and relaxed before, during and after the procedure.

Dr. Lee has a wonderful and competent staff.  His office environment provides a clean and comfortable ambience (including the HDTV's on the Health and Food Channels) for the patients.

We are very thankful for the great service that Dr. Lee and his staff have provided to us for all of these many years.  We look forward to our quarterly dental visits!!!

Margaret and Rick S.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Lee for more than 35 years and have complete confidence in him and in his staff.  I was one of his first patients when he took over the practice of my former dentist when he retired. Dr. Lee is competent, professional, thorough and caring. I trust him and he makes me feel at ease!  I cannot count the number of friends, including my husband, whom I have referred to Dr. Lee and all have become long-time patients of his.  I have healthy teeth and gums, thanks to Dr. Lee!